A little background about us..

We are a family business located in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Since my Grandfather, Louis Muenks, started Muenks Income Tax over 80 years ago, we have always been committed to friendly personal service. This tradition will continue to make your tax preparation a pleasant experience.

During the 1930’s, Louis Muenks lived in a storefront home on Lackland Road; the City of Overland was an independent town from St. Louis during those hard times.

Louis worked with his entrepreneurial spirit and took care of his family of six by acting as the town public offical providing driver’s licenses, hunting/fishing licenses, and Notary Public services.

At the approach of war, income taxes levied by the Federal Government finally reached the “average folk” of Overland. Many of its citizens were approaching the government official to meet its financial obligations to the country.

The first tax returns required a notarized signature and as grandpa was placing his signature on the forms he used his knowledge to assist the completion of the tax papers. Can you imagine the equipment he required and the supplies he used: mechanical calculators, fountain pens, rubber stamps and ink, envelopes, carbon paper! Of course, there were also the storefront lights, small desk lamps, and an old wooden desk.

Grandpa and Catherine had four children: Bernice, Myrtle, Richard and Eugene. Bernice and Myrtle were 13 years older than the two boys and took great pride in setting an example mentoring their younger brothers.

During the 40’s, Louis kept the storefront busy by adding insurance and real estate sales – utilizing his sons for work. A vigorous business developed and by 1950, Louis had honed the boys’ business interests. In his late teens, Richard Muenks met Evelyn Guvernator and after dating, the promise of marriage given pending the completion of tax season. The marriage was set for March 27th, 1951 (after the filing deadline of March 15th). In 2005 they celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary.

Richard and Evelyn began preparing taxes before their marriage and each worked 55+ tax seasons together. Each year they managed the printing and mailing to customers, keeping abreast of changing laws, babysitting arrangements, technology changes, continued growth, and finding quality staff. Where did they find a staff that benefited all? From inside the family, of course!

Initially, Eugene helped prior to leaving high school. The early years working alongside his father and brother fondly remain in Gene’s heart. Through these 50+ years when help was needed most, Eugene stepped in and has left a living legacy inside these walls of Muenks Tax Company.

Using various friends and business associates for twenty years, Mom and Dad Muenks opened the tax office every year remaining on Lackland Road in Overland (moving from Louis' residence at Caralyn Plaza to the Kimler Building). In 1966, Muenks Tax set up business at its permanent home at 9621 Lackland Road. The business has had three separate offices within our current building.

Over the years, each of the sons and son-in-law worked as tax preparers: Tom, Gary, Donn, Jeff, Kevin and Marianne's husband Mitch Walrod. By 1970, the "boys" were old enough to step in - it's a family tradition!

Tom Muenks, the eldest, began at the elbow of his father and uncle by inserting customer names and addresses on returns while listening intently to questions and answers. This job was passed on to Gary and Donn, respectively, by the time each was 16, by which at this point Tom was a full-time preparer. Gary and Donn became full time employees in 1980 after completing college. Jeff and Kevin followed in the late 1980's and worked until the mid-1990's.

Of course, Rich and Evelyn worked every year until Rich retired in 2002. As Rich retired, the grandchildren stepped in: Matthew (Tom's son) is now a full-time preparer, Michelle and her husband Eric (Gary's daughter and son-in-law) worked two years prior to relocating along with several other grandchildren. Donn's son and daughter have recently stepped into their roles starting in 2020 and have a bright future within the family business.

It was a big jump to go into computerized returns and electronic filing. Gary was our technical expert for over 20 years and has kept the business on the technology curve throughout our growing years. Since then, Donn's son Jared has taken over the technology role and has helped bring all client systems up into the cloud for remote access and higher levels of storage and security.

We have a staff of regular preparers for over 3 years - this year they will all return.

Meet the Team

We know we owe our success to YOU, our customers. Your loyalty over these many years has been the driving force to our continued service. We enjoy hearing your stories and catching up with you. To our new customers, we look forward to serving you for many years.